"AZ Semper Fi Vets"    is a veteran's service organization formed and operating in Arizona (Phoenix area) that was first formed by a few Marine Corps veterans who got together to watch old war movies. However, what evolved was a close knit group of Marines who meet up once a month to talk about the Corps, potluck chow, exchange and show military memorabilia and plan community outreach events especially to benefit other veterans. 

      This is a FREE no catch Marine Corps support group, where devil dogs and devil docs can hang out, have fun, talk about their experiences, share stories, as well as feel the camaraderie and brotherhood of fellow Marines of all eras. No one in this group gets paid. Many Marine vets just miss being around other Marines. Our ages and experiences vary. Everyone's contribution is recognized and valued. We have members who served in World War II (Iwo Jima vets) as well as Vietnam, Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom, in addition to many peace time Marines.

     We are intentionally not a 501c3 corporation due to the overbearing government oversight and criteria,  but we do gather donations to help out service members who are short on food, as well as lend a helping hand to any Marines in need. All donations are directed into a general fund and allocated as needs arise. Funds also go toward points of pride for the group like the annual Veterans day float and outreach events like feeding homeless vets cook outs. It really doesn't take much just to bring veterans together.